Page elements/objects gets overridden/merged even when we choose not to

When we deselect certain objects/elements to NOT get merged or override, Katalon still overrides and merges those elements. This has caused many tests to break since these objects gets overridden even when we choose not to.

Please let us know how would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

I can continue my job, but this is very frustrating because I have to manually redo the changes Katalon did in order to run my tests. I reported this issue before but has not been addressed yet. This issue can break tests.


  1. Either record or use Spy tool to add some elements on a page… make sure to select one or more objects that has already been saved before
  2. When saving, deselect existing objects so they do not get “merged” or overridden
  3. Save
  4. Notice the deselected elements are now overridden/merged

Operating System

Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version

  • all versions

Katalon Studio logs

  • no logs

Screenshots / Videos

No merge or update should happen to the current elements since those elements were deselected.
You can even add a new selection below which says “ignore any changes” if you wish to be more explicit.

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Thank you for your report. We will investigate this issue and let you know when there’s further information.

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