Override global-variables on parallel execution for test-suite collection

Dear Community ,
If you can advise please if this task can be done using Katalon .

To minimize execution time, I need to run test test-suites in parallel mode using the same profile (URL, usrName, PWD). [Note: The number of test suites about 5 now and will be exceeded and we cannot create a profile for each test-suite].

What we did to achieve the above:
• I created TestListener / BeforeTestSuite script to update the profile global variable’s value for each test-suite at runtime “GlobalVariable.loginSheetIndex “ represents the row index of the login data (excel file)
class myTestListener {
private int currIndex = -1
def doBeforeTestSuite(TestSuiteContext testSuiteContext)
currIndex =pg_BusinessRules.Common.GetAndLockLoginUser()
GlobalVariable.loginSheetCurrentRow =currIndex
GetAndLockLoginUser(): a method check excel file and get the first unlock record
In sequence execution all test-suites passed , in parallel mode failed all test-suites login with the same user first record ?
Thank you for your help/suggestions

What does this do?

int GetAndLockLoginUser() {
  // ???

a method read excel file and get the first unlock record

Any idea ?