Out of memory issue when executing test Suite or loading Katalon Recorder pluggin

Dear All I’m using regurlaly Katalon recorder pluggin under Chrome for the testing session of our application.
I have now a lot of test suites containing many steps.
When trying to open KR, as the local storage is big, it takes a lot of time (20min) to load the tool and to be stable.
Regularly the tools crashed before to be stable and I got the message: out of memory:

The only solution that I found is to uninstall the pluggin, reinstall again and re-import the Test Suites (but not all because it’s crashing again).

I got also this issue when testing a test suite containing many steps (during this test only one Test Suite was imported into the tool). Some steps were passed and at one moment, the screen into the browser appears with this error but the tool didn’t stop.

Could you help me with that or give me more advice for avoiding this kind of issue.

Thanks a lot for your help

Sounds like one for the Katalon Team @vu.tran

I’ve had Katalon Recorder crash Chrome’s tab many times, but only after executing a load of steps typically, whereas this does sound like a memory management issue.