Opening project, indexing is very slow

After opening Katalon, it takes 2+ minutes to open my project, which isn’t especially large or complex. Indexing changes before committing is painfully slow. It can take 5+ minutes for a single line of code change on a single test case. And the program is often completely unusable while it’s doing this.

It seems to have gradually gotten slower and slower. Is there something I can do to alleviate this?

I’m running v7.0.4

This tends to be the stage it stays on the longest:


Try to go to File > Clean Up, combined with Project > Close and Clean Up to see if it’s better.

Let me guess - Win10?

I routinely switch between Win7 and Win10. Win7 opens my project in around a minute. Win10 3-5 mins.

Try this:

The claim I made back then was valid. Slowly over time the load time has crept back up :frowning:

I do a cleanup every session and I did the exception thing linked about 2 months ago. And yes, Win10😭

I think Katalon has added folders since I wrote that, but I’m not sure what.

@ThanhTo can you provide a list of all “touched” folders - I’m convinced it will help.

I don’t know specifically, call out to @devalex88.