Open-source Katalon Plugin Platform (Beta)

Hi everyone,

As our user base is growing quickly, we have received many requests to expand Katalon Studio’s capabilities. Due to the large number of requests, we have been working on an open-source plugin platform, which will allow users to extend and adapt Katalon Studio into any SDLC. Here’s a sneak peek:

There will be two types of plugins:

  • IDE plugins that provide extra functions for Katalon Studio including but not limited to integration with other systems and dynamic test case execution.
  • Script plugins that provide Custom Keywords, Test Objects, or Listeners to ease the test design process and facilitate the reusability of test artifacts.

At this moment, this project is still under construction. However, you can take an early look at these repositories:

We love to hear your feedback! Let us know how the platform can be improved by posting your questions or ideas under the Plugin Platform category.

Katalon Team