open non http/https url browser setting through katalon studio

I am trying to open chrome://newTab through the katalon navigateToUrl parameter but katalon is not allowing to open non http/https string whereas selenium is allowing for the same with plain java code. The katalon is giving the below error. I have tried to open URL through the script mode executeScript parameter but no luck… !!


open non http/https url browser setting through katalon studio

No hope.

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I have a valid use case in which I need to interact with the cookies toggle button.

I do not want to do it by default in the browser setting but need to do it for a particular web application.


Perhaps you should have a look around DesiredCapabilities whicl will enable you to tune browsers for your usecases.

See for example

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@prateeks (

That and other URIs like it are fossil bugs in Katalon.

@kazurayam Remember this?


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Yes, of course.

It is possible to let class to accept any non http/https protocol such as data: or chrome:. You want to configure the class as the following post explains:

However, configuring class is not enough for @prateeks’ case.

The original poster (@prateeks) wants his/her Katalon Test Case script to be able to perform the following statement:


I think this statement will not work. Why? You need to check the “W3C RFC WebDriver”

  1. Protocol
    WebDriver remote ends must provide an HTTP compliant wire protocol where the endpoints map to different commands.

So the WebDriver protocol specification a
requires http: and https:. No other protocols are mensioned.

I guess that WebUI.openBrowser('chrome://....') would not work.

DISCLAIMER: I have not checked my guess. I am not going to check it. I think that Desired Capability is the solution for the original post.

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