Online Formular send not working

I have an online form that is successfully filled out through a script and attached CSV file.
A file is to be attached to the form, this process is also done successfully. After that the following steps should be executed:
The attached file should be saved. To do this, click on the Save button.
Clicking the Back button will take you back. To click on the form, click on the Send button. You will be asked if you really want to send the form and with send the form will be finally sent.
Saving the attached file takes a while. That’s probably why my script doesn’t work and an unavailable page is opened. So how can I include a command in the script that the send button should only be clicked after the page has been loaded?

There’s a few ways you can approach it.

You can increase the timeout by adding in a setTimeout command (if it is taking too long to load at the moment).

You can also implement a conditional check, where it keeps checking for the visibility of an element (also on the same page / unique to that screen), via the waitForVisible command. You can then add any subsequent commands (which depends on the page first having loaded, in order to continue).

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Thank you very much! I tested all options and waitForVisible is best.

Thank you again.