Objects with spanish accent names

Hello Im having the following issue, Im unable to play recorded case tests that contain objects with spanish accented words.
Is there a fix or workaround for this?
Please find images attached…


@eduardo.cordova Did you tried renaming the object to regular english and also make sure the selector of object is correct ?

I can rename the object but will keep looking for the button “sesin” while the button name in the web page is “sesión”

@eduardo.cordova Can you please share the html of the Button you are trying to click, I think if you update the selector of the button this issue might go away.

@manpreet.mukkar thanks!
how to update the selector ?
(sorry im new on this)

  1. Open the webpage

  2. Right Click on the element and click on Inspect ( if you are using Google Chrome )

  3. From the dev tools, you will see the highlighted selectors for those elements. Something like this

You can also try this handy Chrome extension to see the selectors for a given element.

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