Object couldnot pick during record and play testing mode

When I am doing record and play mode testing, I am recording the objects in object repository at login form. Then I gave the input credentials in the login form i.e username and password and click on SignIn button. and here i stopped the record and play. and save the test case of login. and run on the google chrome browser to check that my record and play working correctly or not…the chrome browser open and load the particular page and automatically gave the login credentials, but it give the username in the username field but it also give the password in the username field not in the password field. and could not click on the Sign In button and not redirect to the next page.And the Katalon Studio passes the test case successfully.

Kindly assist to me. If anyone knows the solution of that problem. Thankyou

Hi there,

I’m so confused about your current issues, can you help describe your issue in much better format and more organized? I assume the general context is you can’t playback successfully after recording, right?