NTLM Authentication


May i know if Katalon will ever support NTLM Authentication?




We will discuss with the development team to have further information on this Authentication. We will keep you updated if it is supported.

Any news @Trong Bui


For Authentication, we are developing OAuth 2. NTLM will be our next move.

Any dates? We need it)

Any Update on this feature. Please update us it is very important for us

I would also like to ask for this feature. Thanks.


eagerly waiting for NTLM Authentication support. Its blocking our path from using katalon tool. Please update.

I got around this issue by passing the username and password in the url:

def builder = new RestRequestObjectBuilder()
‘Create a new POST object using builder’
def requestObject = builder
.withHttpHeaders([new TestObjectProperty(“Content-Type”, ConditionType.EQUALS, “application/json”),])
ResponseObject Response = WS.sendRequest(requestObject)

Hope this helps!

Has NTLM Authentication been added as yet? We are currently evaluating Katalon as a Testing Tool and have struck a hurdle with NTLM Authentication. Is it there and we just can’t see it? Or still yet to be added?


Looking for NTLM authentication in Katalon. Can someone please let me know when is it expected to be there?

Same here, we can’t test our APIs if NTLM authentication is missing.