Nothing is recording

I am new to Katalon and downloaded the system yesterday on a free trial. I have follow the guides, looked at Get Started Create and Run Web UI Test case using record and Playback. When I get to step three hover over element nothing happens. I don’t get the elements showing on the top of the page. Only thing in my recording is Open Browser even when I click on an element. What am I missing? Has it not installed properly or is there an extension I need for Chrome? My coworker did exactly the same as me with downloading and opening and his works.

Try updating the ChromeDriver

I have done that and still unable to record anything. When I follow the instructions for the sample case for shoppingcart I get nothing in the browser and the recorded actions are
Open Browser, Close Browser, Open Browser. The sample indicates that it should have navigated to URL, Click set text etc. I have updated ChromeDriver, uninstalled and redownloaded Katalon and I can’t get anything to work. Very frustrating because I have been given the task to find an automated testing system for regression testing that covers web based and mobile systems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have now wasted three days trying to get this working

Which OS do you use? Version?

If you are using Mac, is it Intel-powered or AMD-powered?

Which Browser do you use (Chrome)? Version?

Which version of Katalon Studio do you use?

Which version of Chrome Driver are you currently using?

What is the URL of the description of what you call “the sample case for shoppingcart”? I don’t know it.

Please describe what you did step by step. It would be perfectly obvious to you, but not clear enough to others.

Please have a look at this guideline.

I am on Windows 10 Pro. I am using Chrome Version 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit) Katalon Studio version Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-8.4.1. I have used Tools/Update WebDrivers to update Chrome driver so I assume it has updated to latest version.

The URL I am using to follow the steps I need to do is [WebUI] Create and Run Web UI Test Case using Record and Playback | Katalon Docs.

In this case it displays the element’s correspondent XPath on the top of the page

but I don’t have that when I hover over the picture on my machine

and the only recorded action I have is Open Browser

I tried to reproduce your case on my personal Windows10 box with ChromeDriver and Katalon Studio of the same version as you.

It worked OK. I could not reproduce your problem in my envrionment.

I guess, there must be something special to your work environment.

Is your machine provided by your employer? Is the machine provided by the coroperate’s IT administration section? Is it a case that Chrome browser was installed by them, not by you?

I have a doubt that your Chrome may be specially configured so that it restricts automation software like Katalon Studio.

It is a work machine but we don’t have a cooperate IT administration section. We are all administrators on our own laptops. Chrome isn’t specially configured. I actually downloaded it and installed it on my machine so I could use Katalon because it didn’t like Edge when I tried to do the Record and Playback.

I could not reproduce your problem. I have no more idea.