Not able to export TestSuite report to HTML


i have downgraded to 6.1.2 and there’s no issues

Hi @Timo_Kuisma,

Please download, extract and put logger.dtd file under C:\KatalonStudio\Katalon6.1.5 and try again. (1.1 KB)



I added it under Katalon project folder, after TestSuite run error not occurs anymore but export not work
permission issue,i guess


this file should be under project folder and under Katalon Studio folder without folder only plain file
export html file success

Why this file was missing from my folders?

Are you using any libraries in your project?


what do you mean libraries? yes I have lot of libs in my project

Before 6.1.5 all facilities used for generating reports (with formats and execution results) were kept at IDE level. That means users didn’t have access to them to build meaningful custom reports. We started moving them to framework level - that means users can now retrieve execution data by calling Groovy methods in test cases, test listeners etc. and write them to customized emails or HTML templates. That might have caused a conflict with your libraries in use which ended up throwing the above errors.

If possible could you please share the list of all libraries so that we can reproduce fhe error on our side?