Not able to access "" and "". Please help

I am very new to Katalon and just a beginner. Please excuse me if my question is silly. In “Kickstart of Katalon”, saw below lines but I am not able to access “” and “”. It says,
“The specified key does not exist”.
Please help.

Here are the lines which is there in “Kickstart of Katalon”:
The newly created test case is generated in form of a Groogy language script file (also called test script) which can be viewed, edited in Katalon Studio by one of two view modes: Manual View ( and Script View (

Hi @pravin.r ,

Always referring to latest doc that inline with latest version and not some older documentations.

The “Kickstart of Katalon” you referring here is for version 5.0.3. Even so, you could always make use such navigation panels, e.g., Docs --> Manual, Tutorial, Sample Projects, etc.

Katalon doc, here and its tutorials here.

As always, try making use “Search” feature in both Katalon forums and website to see if anyone already resolved issue similar to yours.