[Nostalgic Monday] Old vs. New in Web Design

Recently, I came across this article by The Verge and it sort of answered one of the questions that I have had about the modern web for a long time now: Why does most (if not all) websites today all look extremely similar to each other i.e. the clean layout, minimalistic decoration/color, the big headings, etc.

It turned out that most websites today are designed and coded with Google in mind, to game the SEO game, as many companies (including Katalon of course) and many other small business owners and online content writers would say.

And while I do understand the need to rise through the rank of a Google search page result, I do kind of wish people would start to incorporate design aspects of the old web (circa late 90s to mid 2000s) into modern-day web design, just to give websites back their personalities (Like, come on, is it that hard to make a website look like it was done in Microsoft FrontPage?)

What do you think about websites today i.e. design-wise, features-wise, accessibility-wise, etc.? And are there any website back in your time that you really liked? And, if they are still around, don’t forget to drop the link in this thread! :point_down: