NodeJS Hbase thrift weirdness

I’m running into a very odd situation. I’ve been trying to get a nodeJS client, using thrift, for Hbase running, and I have seemingly had success most of the way except getting any return data. I’m running hbase.0.94.8 (currently the stable version), and it is definitely running, I’m running thrift 0.9.0, it is built and running as well. With both of them running I’m able to query Hbase with the shell and also get to the thrift webpage, Puppet but when I run the following code, nothing happens:

var thrift = require('thrift'),HBase = require('./Hbase.js'),HBaseTypes = require('./Hbase_types.js');var connection = thrift.createConnection('localhost',9090,{ transport: thrift.TBufferedTransport,protocol:thrift.TBinaryProtocol });connection.on('connect',function(){  console.log('connected');  var client = thrift.createClient(HBase,connection);    client.getTableNames(function(err,data){    if(err)        console.log('there was an error:',err);    else        console.log('hbase tables:',data);    });});connection.on('error',function(err){    console.log('error',err);});I definitely get a connection (or, at least, the connection event fires), but it's like there's nothing on the other end. Before you answer, Hbase master is definitely running, thrift is definitely running, the webpage on 9095 and the service on 9090 (as reported by the logs). The logs seem to reflect that nothing is even happening (i.e. thrift and hbase logs seem unaffected by the request), but I am definitely getting a successful connection.