No HTML report with RE 7.7.1

We have been running mobile tests with Katalon Runtime Engine from Jenkins for a while, using the Katalon plugin. However, after upgrading to 7.7.0 and 7.7.1 we no longer get an HTML report generated after executing a test suite. This worked fine previously.

I know the report plugin is supposed to be bundled now with 7.7, and it works fine when I execute it from Katalon Studio. I can see in the folder tree of both my installed KS and the RE downloaded on the Jenkins machine that there is a katalon-studio-report-plugin.jar in configuration/resources/basic-report, but when I launch my Katalon Studio it also seems to install under configuration/org.eclipse.osgi but not for the Runtime Engine.

Iā€™m unsure where to go from here. Is this a bug or am I missing some new required configuration somewhere?

Hi @fredrik.svensson

This is an issue from us and will fix in v7.7.2.

Thanks for your report

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thanks for update. we just noticed same issue today running in GitLab. No report.html after I updated my local to v7.7.1.
Is there an ETA for 7.7.2 yet?


KS v7.7.2 has been released. Please check for updates.