[Newbies] Welcome to Katalon Community! 😄

Hi, and welcome to Katalon Community! :wave:

You’re now part of a global community of passionate testers, practitioners, and experts in the field of automated software testing working together to help you get the most out of the Katalon platform.

As this is your first time on the Community, we understand that you may feel a bit overwhelmed by how the site works and all of its quirks and functionalities.

But fret not! We have created this Getting Started Guide to help you get the most out of our Community! We’ll walk you through how to set up your profile up and running, how to search, ask, and get solutions from community members, as well as how to be rewarded by simply engaging with the Community! :star_struck:

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Setting up your profile and get to know the Community team

We’ll show you how to customize your profile to help you stand out from the crowd, as well as introduce you to our onboarding booklet.

2. Meet your new friend - Newcomers’ Onboarding Booklet!

We’ve created this Onboarding Booklet to help you learn the ins and outs of our Community and, most importantly, how to progress through different Trust Levels, which will grant you new perks and capabilities!

3. Searching for topics is a breeze

Always search before you ask! You’ll never know when your questions have already been answered by other members.

4. Taking part in the conversation - Ask the Community

Now it’s time for you to join the discussion - learn how to create a topic, reply to posts, and send personal messages to other members.

5. Make sure you can get the Solutions you need

Some tips and tricks to ensure your questions are answered as soon as you publish them!

6. Trust Level 101

All new members start out with limitations that will be lifted as they spend more time in the Community. Read more to learn how to unlock special perks and capabilities that will enable you to do much more!

7. Getting rewarded for your participation - Kudos Board

Every interaction in the Community earns you Kudos! And once you’ve earned enough of them, you’ll get a chance to redeem special gifts and prizes from us. Read more to learn how!

8. Katalon Community Sitemap

We know navigating through all the different sections/sub-sections of the site may be confusing, so we’ve prepared an accessible sitemap for you!

Discourse’s Terminologies

Before we get started, however, here are some of the basic terminologies that will be thrown around a LOT as you read the guides and use the site:

Topic: The collection of messages/posts grouped in a meaningful conversation, with a title, listed in a category, beginning with an Original Post, and including all replies in chronological order. You may call these ‘threads’ if you’re used to other forum platforms.

Post: Each element of a topic is referred to as a post. Each post has its author and can be moved to a different topic if necessary or even become the start of a new topic.

Original Post (or OP): The first post in any topic. This is key since it determines the focus of the topic and is what the title and tags will link to. You may also use OP to imply the Original Poster of a topic or a post. It’s all about the context.

Category: The primary means of organizing topics. Each topic is placed in exactly one category. Categories have permissions that restrict what users can create, reply to, and see its topics. Categories are a similar concept to a ‘forum’ on other sites.

See our site map for an overview of all the categories available on our site.

Tag: A marker is placed on a topic to describe it. While a topic can only have one category, it can have multiple tags. Read here to learn more about tags vs. categories.