[New Release] Katalon Studio 8.4.0

Download the latest version now from our official website: Katalon Studio version 8.4.0.

New features​

Execute test in Internet Explorer (IE) mode in Microsoft Edge​.


  • Added Chrome 102, Edge 102, and GeckoDriver 0.31 (Firefox 91) compatibility.
  • [Security and Compliance] Added the digital signature on Katalon Studio IDE and Katalon Runtime Engine for Windows.
  • [Katalon Studio on Linux] Added the option to update WebDriver, capture screenshots, and record videos on Edge Chromium.
  • [Katalon Docker image] Added Edge Chromium compatibility on the Katalon Docker image.
  • [Katalon Platform]:
    • [Katalon TestOps] Added the -testOps.serverUrl parameter for overriding authentication in Project Settings.
    • [Katalon TestOps] Added the -testOps.baselineCollectionId parameter for specifying which visual baseline collection to use when executing a test run via the Katalon command.
    • [Katalon TestCloud] Updated the command line to configure the TestCloud tunnel. See Configure TestCloud Tunnel.
  • [API testing] Added new code snippets to the Verification tab.
  • [Applitools integration] Added the option to input the Applitools server URL to integrate with Katalon Studio in the Project Settings. See Applitools Integration.


  • [Bug] The shortcut to import default packages of built-in keywords: Ctrl/Command+Shift+O was not working properly.
  • [Bug] Missing the Edge icon in the list of running browser instances in Run from here and Debug from here.
  • [Bug] The web service keyword getElementText was not working properly.
  • [Bug] [Mobile] When configuring test suites inside a test suite collection to run with multiple mobile devices, the test suite collection only ran with one mobile device.

Learn more on our documentation: Release Notes version 8.4.0.