[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Sep 27, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we are delighted to announce the September 27th, 2023 update to the Katalon Platform which comes with a lot of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes as below :point_down:

1. Administration

  • Set API Key Expiration Date: This new feature enables you to select when you want the API key to expire (for a period, on an exact date, or never) to have better control and good security practices.

  • Bulk action to Assign License on the License Management page: With this new feature, you can now select all users or de-select the chosen ones when assigning licenses to their members.

  • We have issued a fix that solves the behaviour of the custom domain and SSO settings update for the Organization(s) that has TestOps Enterprise.

  • We have issued a fix which solves the behaviour of the custom domain and SSO settings when the license expires. We will replace all the custom domains with the default one

  • Enhanced License Management Access :

    • You can now navigate from the Order Confirmation page to the License Management page by simply clicking the newly introduced “Assign License”. This button takes center stage as the primary action, while the “Subscription Management” button remains readily accessible as a secondary option.
    • This improvement streamlines your experience, ensuring a complete transition from the moment you decide to purchase our products to when your licenses are ready for use. It empowers you to efficiently assign licenses to specific users right after making a purchase.
  • Transparent Subscription Cycle Information :

    • As the subscription cycle of the upgrade package will always co-term with that of the initial starter package, we have enhanced the UI to display the remaining number of months in the existing subscription cycle within the Starter Package offering section.
    • This marginal improvement provides greater visibility into how your intended upgrades align with your current subscription cycle. It also sheds light on the pro-rata period on which pricing is based, ensuring you can make informed decisions when considering upgrades.
  • Issue fixed : Trial Extension Failure

    • Bug Description: Eligible users for trial extension can’t get their trial extended even when they have submitted the survey before the trial expires. This bug started on August 31st, 2023.
    • Resolution: We have fixed the bug that was causing the extension of the trial to fail. For users whose trial fails to extend, we manually grant you the extension via API and then routed you to our standard automatic extension for your next extension period.
  • Issue fixed: Purchase of monthly and annual subscription plans on the same account are processed successfully

    • Bug Description: Those purchasing both annual and monthly subscriptions simultaneously may lead to incorrect processing, causing plan discrepancies.
    • Resolution: We have developed a mechanism to check whether there exists on our system a subscription plan with similar product features as a first criterion to prevent such an issue.
      • Expected Behavior:
        • If the monthly plan is processed first, it should switch to the annual plan within our system and reflect accordingly on your side.
        • If the annual plan is processed first, purchasing the monthly plan later should be blocked.

2. Organize

  • The Platform team has successfully completed improvements to Git performance and reliability after a period of diligent work. These enhancements provide:
    • A faster Git repository loading time
    • Eliminate user difficulties when connecting to and refreshing Git repositories
    • New features enabling users to link their Git Server using the Other source type.

To provide some tangible data, a repository with more than 1000 files now only takes about 10 seconds to load on the Katalon Platform, a significant improvement from the previous situation that would often lag for extended periods.

  • TestOps now offers the enhanced ability for users to delete Cloud Studio test cases/test suites in Cloud storage. This new feature enhances test management flow and provides users with the convenience of tidying up their test objects.

Project First Project - Test Cases - Katalon TestOps (2)

The integration of Jenkins is now a new item on the Integrations page. This enhancement increases the visibility of Jenkins integration and simplifies the process for users to integrate Jenkins with TestOps through in-app instructions and references.

3. Execute

  • Enhancements :
    • Update the latest browser version for Cloud Studio testing
      • Environment: Linux Chrome 117 and Linux Firefox 117
      • In: Test case editor and test suite execution in Schedule test run dialog
      • The scheduler with the old browser version (Linux Chrome 113 or Linux Firefox 113) can run successfully with the configured version but users can not see and select this old version to create a new test run.
      • However, due to current local engine hasn’t been upgraded so it has not been compatible with Firefox 117 that leads to the failed test when running in this environment. Thus, we’ve temporarily hidden Firefox 117 until the new local engine is released by Cloud Studio team and ensure it can work correctly with Firefox 117.

  • [TestOps] You can identify which video recording belongs to which test case when executing mobile testing with SauceLabs devices. As you may know, TestCloud has been using 2 service providers for mobile testing that are LambdaTest and SauceLabs. Last release, we completed the modification for LambdaTest first and now for SauceLabs.
  • Video format: <order of testcase in test suite (start from 1)><browser name/platfrom name>.mp4

  • Time out setting for test run in Schedule Test Run dialog
    • Change the default value to 180 (minutes)
    • The value must be a natural number between 10 and 999”.
    • Apply for all environments that are supported in TestOps
  • Improve performance of the API /from-tc/organization/{organizationId}/mark-expired-jobs on TestOps
    • We’ve found the bad performance of the API /from-tc/organization/{organizationId}/mark-expired-jobs on DataDog APM. The whole API took around 12s to complete and the most time-consuming part was JobRepository.findTestCloudJobByOrganization that took 8-9s. We need to improve it to reduce the time.

Fixbug for MayBank :

  • Our customer - MayBank faced an issue when uploading their app to TestOps. Cause the size of the app is about 360 MB so an error was returned while uploading the app. We’ve temporarily fixed the mechanism of uploading the app but the metadata of the app is missing. With this release, we fix the API parsing meta data so it now can work well with their app.

4. Analyze

  • You are able to play video attachment on TestOps without downloading. In detail, RA support for G5 with .WEBM, and support for G4 with .mp4 (.avi and .mov are unsupported).
  • You will receive only one email from TestOps after your execution for a test suite collection finished. Previously, multiple emails were sent based on the number of sessions in execution. To avoid spamming your inbox, we have enhanced the notification mechanism for sending messages via Slack and Email: Send one mail & notification (if any) when all the session in execution is finished. Note: support for G4 Test Suite Collection first.
  • We also fixed some bugs :
    • Fix export issue by moving export execution report to long running queue.

      • Bug summary: After you chose the format file option, the system showed a toast message “Export is taking longer than usual. We have sent the download link via email to {email}.” but do not send email to the you.
    • Fix regression bug of Share Report feature.

      • Bug summary: When you schedule a test run with more than 1 environment, then shares the report via email, the report is generated with current test run status. Issue is: for next share times, data in report is kept as the first generated time, without getting latest statuses of finished session(s).
    • Remove logic display Release Statistics that only display data earlier than 2 months, and fix correctly count total test case linked to specific release.

      • Bug summary: When you link executed test runs to a specific release from 2022, this release data from Releases tab do not update.

        • Note: In this release, previous data have not been migrated. Fixed version apply for upcoming link action.
        • Workaround: Manual link executed test run(s) to specific release to display latest data.

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