[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Jun 7, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

We would like to announce the June 7 update to the Katalon Platform with the following enhancements:

Organize and Analyze

We have revamped the Katalon Platform’s Onboarding Flow with:

  • Interactive UIs elements,
  • An onboarding checklist
  • Advanced Guidelines, and
  • Showcases of both Platform and Katalon Studio features.

This comprehensive onboarding experience is designed to make it easier for our new users to onboard and increase productivity.

Welcome to Katalon Platform


  • We have introduced an enhanced Invitation Flow in which users will now be navigating to the Katalon Platform instead of the Admin site when they are invited into an Organization.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentation.

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