[New Release] Introducing GPT-powered manual test generator for Atlassian Jira

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Software delivery is crucial for all business needs of organizations, but traditional software testing methods, such as manual testing and automated test scripting, are slow, costly, and ineffective. They fail to detect and fix defects that affect software performance and delivery speed.

But all that is about to change. Today we are thrilled to announce the first of many upcoming GPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer)-enabled features: manual test generating in Atlassian Jira, powered by Generative AI and Katalon TestOps’ integration. This new feature enables Jira users to generate test steps from a single button click within Jira issues.

How it works

The manual test generator parses and analyzes the Jira ticket’s description, extracts relevant information about software testing requirements, and outputs a set of comprehensive manual test cases tailored to the described test scenario. Developers, product owners, or QA team members can easily, and very early in the development pipeline, begin to create and collaborate on testing efforts for new and existing features.

Getting started

To get your hands on this new feature, simply register for Katalon TestOps (it’s free) and try out GPT Manual Test Generation for free along with all the other powerful planning, organizing, and reporting and analysis features of TestOps. Click on the button below to get started! :point_down:


If you already use TestOps, then you can follow this link to set up the Jira Integration.

Katalon’s Jira integration also enables:

  • Automated test result reporting and executions and screenshots attached

  • Requirements mapping with test cases and advanced Test Coverage

  • Release Readiness Reports

  • More collaboration and feedback between testing activities and development streams

For more information about these new features, what it can do, and how you and your team will benefit from it, please visit our blog post below. :point_down:



:information_source: For a step-by-step guide on how to configure and get start with the GPT-powered Manual Test Case Generation with Jira feature, please see the documentation below…

Feel free to let us and our product team know if you have any questions about this new feature below :point_down:

I’d love to see/try this out, but Jira is not part of my stack/toolchain. I don’t see a need to include it either.

I noticed this in the linked blog entry:

We are thrilled to announce the first of many upcoming GPT-enabled features

Will any of those upcoming GPT-enabled features be pure-native Katalon features?

Hi could you give some example of how the ticket details should look like since I with this simple one and still it not show anything

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Yes! Don’t miss the announcements for the next couple of months.


Hi @timcarter9307 ! Due to some usage surge, we did experience a few hours where the service was very unreliable. But we worked on it and if you try again now, it should work :smiley:

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