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on mobile, when i ‘like’ something, i see the emoticon duplicated.

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I think you need to draw border line around “Search” and the icon of magnifying class, like this.

Without the border, I do not understand what “Search” and the icon are meant to be. They look like some garbage.

I could guess what happened.

On PC, on the upper side of every page, we find a header division with a text “Welcome to Katalon Community!” with background in green color. On Mobile, we miss this header division. We see a vacant space instead.

Possibly, the pixel width of Mobile device is too narrow to show the unwrapped text “Welcome to Katalon Community”. Therefore the header div is not rendered on Mobile. It is too obvious that the page is not tested enough.


Why not you ask the designer/engineer who built this “New Katalon Community” to test the system they delivered more thoroughly using your product lines — Katalon Studio, Test Ops, etc as you promised “consistent app quality across browsers, devices & OS”?

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From the looks of it, it looks like the forum system that they are using is

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You are correct. We were on an older version of this platform before and have upgraded to a newer hosted version. We will be sharing weekly bug fixes and enhancement updates based on feedback from the community and our roadmap. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Hi @kazurayam , could you tell me which browser on mobile you were using and which Android version it was? Thanks :smile:

I’m using Android 11

I believe, the Discourse platform has nothing to be blamed. The quality of web apps which run on top of Discourse platform should be questioned.

There is a URL Discourse Customers where you find

I checked, for example, Zoom dev forum . On PC it shows a header div,

But on Mobile, but it shows no header div.

As you easily see, the web app of distinguishes the pixel width of device (PC or Mobile), and tunes the page composition as appropriate. Their web app is well designed, well tested.

Additional note:
The Zoom’s site on Mobile does not show the FOOTER div, which is good I think. Katalon’s should stop showing the FOOTER div as well, I think.

Mhm … the issue with the ‘duplicated’ emoticon occur also on desktop browser.
Apparently, when a ‘non-standard’ emoticon is used, it will duplicate on the left side to collect them … and the actual button keeps the last one used perhaps?
Somehow messy and inconsistent, looks like a ‘facebook inpired’ feature but not properly implemented

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Hi @bionel, I believe you’re right about the current implementation display the “last used” reaction.

I’ll ask Discourse if we could displayed a generic “add reaction” icon like the image below.

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@vu.tran whatever solution you find to make it unified and consistent across replies will be fine for me
le: having custom emoticons is nice to have.
however, if this cause more issues than solving, i will preffer to revert it until a sane solution is found

I quite like the way that Atlassian and Twitter have customised Discourse.

Just as a matter of detail, AFAIK, neither Katalon, Zoom, Twitter or Atlassian are using any web applications on top of Discourse, they have merely customised the Forum systems + done any bespoke changes that they’ve chosen to do so (especially if it’s open sourced, then they are even more at liberty to do so). I haven’t seen any additional tech stacks / layers on top of Discourse itself, in this case, anyhow.

Not that this detail changes the feedback that you have from being of value :slight_smile:

What they (Zoom) has done is implemented breakpoint-specific CSS. (e.g. max-width attributes are defined), which applies to their ‘afterHeader__’ divs (which is why it shows up on desktop and not mobile).

I agree with the general point made though that it’s good to hide certain parts on mobile, where the related content / UI is either less relevant, not ‘friendly’ to the viewport size, etc.

Hi folks!

Just a heads up that we’ll be closing this thread by this Friday Jul 29. For future feedback & suggestions, you can reply in one of the topics below (preferably the latest one) …

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