New Katalon Community Feedback!

I do not like this font.

I do not want to be included on the leaderboard.

Who said that?

Do you really think so?

I do not think so.

Seriously, even at work, i dislike when somebody contacts me directly, unless really needed, so I have to ask them to open a Jira issue, for traceability and team visibility.
Simply because somebody knows how to do some stuff does not means that can be bothered at any time by anybody.
So, having such public board is far from being ‘best practice’.
Is not even ‘good practice’
If there is no other option, please remove myself also from that.

It seems that you believe that the guys would welcome being featured by you.

But I do not like to be featured. It is not fun.

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

I took a look at your topic and it seems using the bold “**” markdown syntax on numbered list resulted in what happened in the screenshot while using headings i.e “###” does not (see below).

1. Testing

We’ll look into this with our designer; in the meantime, is it alright if I go in and replace the bold syntax to heading? Thanks :smile:

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Tell your designer you need a font that scales well/properly.

Illicit ← that is terrible

I did it.

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It’s so clearly a designer’s choice of font. heh.

the most funny part is… this happens on a forum where… is about testing. and lot of UI testing.
Is your ‘designer’ for real, you guys?
we can accept being your beta-testers…
altough in my opinion this is just a pre-alpha

@bionel :laughing:

That’s not the worst, how about this for illegal HTML:


Two inputs with the same ID. Naughty. :angry:

I don’t know what to say experts. We are working with Discourse- they are the platform vendor actually making these customizations like they do with number of other customer communities.

Its a process we are working through. We will get a meeting on the calendar to discuss some of the current updates with you and have a dialogue which is clearly needed because this discussion has become pretty negative which is not the intent.

We will invite top contributors and anyone else who would like to be on the call for sometime next week. Feel free to PM me for an invite request.

Please keep constructive feedback and ideas coming. We will also be publishing regular bug fixes and enhancement updates.


Perhaps the designer and/or the engineer who built the site doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, the primitive rule of HTML; the id attribute MUST be unique in a whole HTML document.

Do you want some backing? See the following ref:

The id global attribute defines an identifier (ID) which must be unique in the whole document. Its purpose is to identify the element when linking (using a fragment identifier), scripting, or styling (with CSS).

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@vu.le This one is a UX issue, broken since the upgrade:


Diagnosis: When the setting is changed, the animation leaves the element transparent (I’m guessing opacity:0 or similar). Nobody expects their chosen setting to disappear.

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On mobile when I visit I always see the upper half of viewport is blank.

This blank space makes me feel this site must be broken.

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on mobile, when i ‘like’ something, i see the emoticon duplicated.

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I think you need to draw border line around “Search” and the icon of magnifying class, like this.

Without the border, I do not understand what “Search” and the icon are meant to be. They look like some garbage.

I could guess what happened.

On PC, on the upper side of every page, we find a header division with a text “Welcome to Katalon Community!” with background in green color. On Mobile, we miss this header division. We see a vacant space instead.

Possibly, the pixel width of Mobile device is too narrow to show the unwrapped text “Welcome to Katalon Community”. Therefore the header div is not rendered on Mobile. It is too obvious that the page is not tested enough.


Why not you ask the designer/engineer who built this “New Katalon Community” to test the system they delivered more thoroughly using your product lines — Katalon Studio, Test Ops, etc as you promised “consistent app quality across browsers, devices & OS”?

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From the looks of it, it looks like the forum system that they are using is

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You are correct. We were on an older version of this platform before and have upgraded to a newer hosted version. We will be sharing weekly bug fixes and enhancement updates based on feedback from the community and our roadmap. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Hi @kazurayam , could you tell me which browser on mobile you were using and which Android version it was? Thanks :smile:

I’m using Android 11