New here? Then come in and say hi! 👋

Hi everyone, I’m Uyen from Katalon’s Communications Team :raised_hands:t2:. I do corporate branding, public relations, and other communications responsibilities.

Given the fact that I don’t have a technical background, I’m so excited to join our Community and learn from our fellow experts in the field.

:cherry_blossom: Outside work, I enjoy being a daydreamer :thought_balloon:, a melophile :notes:, a travelholic :airplane:, and a bookworm :books:.


Howdy my new friends here! :wave:

I’m Chau from Katalon’s Communications team. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I’m Uyen (above)'s teammate. My typical work day is filled with idea generation, content creation, event management, and other interesting duties.

I have no technical background, but thanks to Katalon, I am enjoying a year-long “honeymoon” here, exploring the world of software testing :globe_with_meridians:, and getting to know lots of bright-minded techies :raised_hands:.

Outside of work, half of me enjoys visiting historical sites, listening to old songs, practicing yoga. The other part of me likes gathering with friends, and being immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city :hugs:.


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My name is Archana. I am employee of Quality kiosk.


Hello everyone!


Hi @archana.tikole, :wave:

Welcome to Katalon Community! It’s good to have you here! My name is Vu (you can also call me Albert) and I take care of the daily operation of our site & improve it with your feedback & suggestions!

If you have any difficulties navigating our community or would like to see any features (UI/UX-wise) implemented, you can let me know by sending me a personal message :email: or create a topic under Site Feedback.

As you’re a new member, we highly recommend you to check out our Getting Started Guides to help you learn the ins-and-outs of Katalon Community :+1:

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We look forward to your participation on our community :hugs:


Hi! My name is Sejal. I’m new to Katalon and looking forward to learn testing efficiently!


Hi @sejalyelgodkar, :wave:

Welcome to Katalon Community! Feel free to Ask the Community if you run into any issue.

As you’re a new member to our community, we recommend you spend a few minutes going through our Getting Started Guide :books: to learn how to get the most out of the site.

And as you mentioned that you wanted to learn how to test more efficiently, we also recommend you to check out some of the beginner-friendly courses on Katalon Academy to help you get started with using Katalon Platform!

Happy learning! :sunglasses:


Hi all,

I am Julien Mer.

Expert in QA … in charge of the implementation of Katalon in several companies in France.

Wish you help me!



Hi Julien,

Welcome to our Katalon community. We are glad you joined us and feel free to raise questions when you are using our products or sharing any interested topics with us.



Hi, I’m new to Katalon… just stop by and say Hi to everyone


Hi @chihung.le :wave:

It’s good to see you here! We hope you will find our forum an integral part of your automation testing journey in the months to come!

As you are new, we suggest that you spend a few minutes to go through our Getting Started Guides just to know how to navigate around our forum as well as other programs that we are running.

Hint: you will get rewarded the more you engage with others on our forum :wink:

Whenever you forgot how to perform certain actions on our forum, just summon our friend @discobot and follow its instruction to jog your memories :wink:

Last but not least, your experience on Katalon Community is very important to us. Thus, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share with us about what you like and what you think our forum needs improvement on via the below topic …

Happy testing! :sunglasses:



I’m Carolyn and I have been in Testing for over 20 years and Automating for the last 10. Switched to Katalon 3 years ago (from Selenium with C#) as I found the features I needed in Katalon that speed up writing tests. Particularly like the Hybrid approach of Keywords + Data Driven. My first experience of Katalon put me off, but after doing a course on UDEMY, I found my way.


Hi @carolyn,

Thank you for joining us here!!! Very exciting to welcome you to our global community. Check out these programs to get you more engaged:

  1. Katalon Certification Program - Advanced Your Career With Katalon
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  3. Katalon Creator Program

And more for you explore, let me and my colleage know if you need any help from us @mike.verinder @Elly_Tran @viet.nguyen



I am Kuldeep Rana and I have more than 12 years of experience in Automation testing. I had the pleasure to be part of Katalon Studio in its initial days when I wrote some tutorials and reviews on Katalon, comparing it with tools like - Selenium on my website -

I am back with this amazing community.


Hi there Kuldeep, :wave:

Welcome back to our community! Now it has been quite a while since you were last here so we understand that you may have some questions regarding the new changes around the forum (navigation, category structures, and such). Feel free to let us know if you need support getting around the forum. :smile:

We think you would be quite interested in the Technical Blogger pathway in our new Contributor Program, where you can write tips & tricks articles or tutorials, and get rewarded as well! :wink:

Happy testing & have a nice weekend! :sunglasses:


Hi Everyone!!


Hi Ravikanth, :wave:

Welcome to Katalon Community! We hope you are having fun exploring our forum so far. Feel free to let us know in this thread about where you are from, what you do, and anything fun you would like to share or what is on your mind right now :wink:

Cheers :+1: