Need to "Verify Element Text Not"

Currently, for my test I am trying to verify if an element of my page changed.

My test uses a seed to verify a fixed state of the page. For this, I verify a fixed text in an element of the page.

I need to test a new seed button in my page. Since the new seed will be essentially random, using a command like “Verify Element Text Not” would be the only way to verify this other just taking a failed step as an affirmative.

Possibly Assert plugin will be helpful for you

This keyword provides some “verify something NOT” methods. For example, StringAssert#notEqual or StringAssert#notContain

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Use WebUI.verifyNotEqual

makeTO is available here

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Better answer, thank you, Russ

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Thank you very much. I feel silly I missed this because I looked through all the “verify element…” commands but didn’t look through just “verify…”.

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