Need help in finding better approach for parameterisation

Scenario : I am having services that perform all the CRUD operations. What i am trying to achieve is what ever revision/record is created using ADD want to use the same record to perform the get,update and then delete

The issue faced: ADD service body request is being created using the variable from excel or queries , so when trying to use the existing option ‘call test case’ the variables defined at a service level are displayed as Blank , as they are missing data binding in the GET request.

2 - if try to define as a global variable then had to be defined in the different profiles(roughly 10) that exist for the project and every time new profile

so what could be a better approach to use values created using add service in GET,UPDATE and DELETE ?

Hi @neetu.ghai,
Can you share some examples of your test script or web service request so that we can take a look and give you a suggestion?