Need help - if time is not x, wait before executing script

The day and time are critical for our testing. I need to test our site every Tuesday night at midnight exactly. I’m having issues as I can put the katalon script in the windows scheduler but I find the execution can get stuck waiting for the browser driver to start.

I was thinking that I could kick off the script every Tuesday night at 11:56pm, which would give the browser driver more than enough time to start. Then, somehow the script would check the time every 10sec and not execute the script until the time is 12:00:00.

I’m looking for any ideas from the community on how I might be able to build that conditional flow inside or outside of Katalon.

Alternatively, any ideas on how I can pre-load the browser driver, etc. It is the only part of the script that is not consistent, some executions it loads in seconds and other times, it is 1-2 minutes.



start your katalon testsuite with cmd (.bat file) by windows scheduler.
not tried but i guess it will works :slight_smile:

Hi Timo, I do use the scheduler but depending on how long it takes the script to load the browser driver, it could exceed the timing I need.

I’m thinking I could use a while loop in the script and check the time. If it isn’t time, keep looping, etc.


check this page