Need clarification on variable id in variable section

Hi team,
While duplicating the Object Repository variable id are getting copied with same number.
How this ID are getting generated?
is there any requirement that id should unique. ?


We have to create 50 to 100 variable for an request, We are planning to java class to generate.
will it going to work for us. Any help would be really appreciated.



Any inputs is appreciable.

I’m no sure about the Objects but for test cases putting arbitrary numbers worked for me

inside the same test case all variables must have a unique id , for a test case with 30 variables i used 1 to 30 and it worked fine

but they don’t have to be unique across the testcases
so testcase1 can have a variable with the id 1 and testcase2 can have a variable with the id 1 and they wont conflict with each other
i have 26 test cases setup up the same way and i haven’t had any problems yet

i’m don’t know how the id is generated though

Thanks for input.
We started using UUID and its working fine.

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Good idea i don’t know why i didn’t think of that :smile:

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