Native Windows Recorder

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Is there any way to start Application File with Application Title? as it has “Windows Action Recorder” or “Spy Windows Object”?

installed all prerequisites and have trial of enterprise version running. however if I press start inside the Native Windows Recorder nothing happens. no application gets started. the window just flickers a bit but no error popup. windows recorder works so far. am I missing something?

Hi @mitea

I am one user of Katalon, after installing WinApp driver and restart machine, I see that Native Windows Recorder works from my computer after

  • Enable Developer Mode

Below is the screenshot I see it works from my Computer, I use start with application file

(Katalon can recognize & interact with object - object is highlighted with red color)

I use latest version 8.3.0

Hope this information will be useful.


thanks for the quick reply

developer mode is on. Config like:

but no difference. it’s not starting at all.

It’s only the Native Windows Recorder thats not working the Windows Recorder works so far.

any other ideas?