My scripts doesn't work in Bamboo but from the katalon IDE works normally

Hi team,

Right now I m doing testing in Salesforce and I m having issues when my scripts run in Bamboo in spite of they are working fine in katalon IDE on my machine.

In the following image, there is a search component located on the top-center of the page, when the user types something, then there will be items that come up according to it, behind in the HTML structure there should be this structure generated:
div class=“listContent”


I tried out doing this xpath:

  1. Xpath : //div[@class=‘listContent’]//ul[contains(@class,‘visible’)]//li//a//div[@class=‘slds-truncate’]//span

  2. Xpath : //div[contains(@class,‘uiAutocompleteList’)]//ul[contains(@class,‘visible’)]//a[contains(@class,‘SEARCH_OPTION’)]

I used pure Selenium and katalon WebUi functions, all of them work correctly from IDE.

Is there a pluging, package, dependency, or such that I have to include in Bamboo, Katalon in order to make them work on Bamboo plan?