Muting Sound from a chrome Tab


I am new to Katalon. I am currently testing a web app, where for our operators when certain alert messages come in they get an audible alarm from the browser tab, (its a very loud and very annoying siren) the issue i have is in our test facility we continuously receive these alerts. is there a way i can get Katalon to launch in a Muted Chrome Browser?

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Yes, there is a way to get Katalon to launch in a muted Chrome browser. You can do this by using the --mute-audio command-line switch when launching Chrome.

To do this, you need to edit the Katalon Studio project settings. To do this, go to Project > Settings. In the Settings dialog box, click the Desired Capabilities tab.

In the Desired Capabilities tab, expand the Web UI section and then expand the Chrome section. Under the Chrome section, you will see a field called Additional Capabilities. In this field, add the following text:

"chromeOptions": {"args": ["--mute-audio"]}

Let us know if this works for you


or simply mute your workstation when running such ‘disruptive’ tests.
why do you run them locally?
only you can answer