Multiple Upload functionality

Hi team,

I have to upload multiple files can you please help how to do that.

I have to read data from excel for 100 entity and for each entity need to upload file. So here, I have used for loop but how to use upload functionality to read different excel file in each iterations?

Kindly help on above query. Thanks!

Hello, I’m looking to upload multiple files from a folder in the local machine.

I tried the WebUI.uploadfile(findTestObject(C:\\\\\\) script. It is able to open the location, but doesn’t select all the files.

Kindly help me on this.

String path1 = “path/to/first/file”;
String path2 = “path/to/second/file”;
String finalPath = path1 + “\n” + path2;
WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(“path/to/my/object”), finalPath);