MSI Installer for Windows?

More generalized question:
Are you guys thinking about creating normal msi installer for windows, so I dont need to download zip, unzip it, put into needed folder and creating shortcuts and stuff? So nehaanand9 will not need checksums? You know, its pretty normal to install programs like normal programs in 2020

It’s also “pretty normal” for programs to be “portable” - which Katalon is. I for one would not want this to change.

I do not agree.
In windows world having the msi is the baseline for normality.
Even for nearest competitors, for example Soap UI.
The only special snowflake that came to mind is the Jmeter.
Don’t be like Jmeter )
What is the true reason for portability in this case?

Freedom perhaps? So you can have as many versions as you like, cohexisting on the same machine without regedit workarounds?
Portability? You can grab the unzipped and some secret files, and move them to another machine?

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Nailed. Helping other people, I have eight versions right now.

Some of us, “in the windows world” have been around long enough to remember when msi was new.

I don’t need the hand-holding that msi brings. Never did.

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Adding my thoughts. The msi is the cancer of m$.
Just saying

Just to be as even-handed as possible…

I moved this to Suggestions.