MS Dynamics 365 - Login Page - Sign In button click does not sign in the user

I am trying to automate the Sign In to a MS Dynamics 365 front-end.
When the ‘Sign in’ button is “clicked” in the Test Case, the account is not logged in. The Sign In button does display it has been successfully clicked in the log, and the button is seen as clickable.
Has anyone had experience with MS Dynamics 365 logins?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

MS Dynamics Login.png

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Does it mean that you could login the system manually and when using automation script, the button seems clicked but you couldn’t log in?

I can login manually ok using the same user details in the test case. When running the test case the username and password are entered ok, but the “click” on the login button in the test case does not log the account in. The test case report shows the Login button was successfully clicked but it has no effect and does not login the account.

I have overcome the issue by adding a Delay(5 secs) and another Click step to the Test Case. The second click then works and the account is logged in. Added steps 9 and 10 below and now works ok.

MS Dynamics Login 2.png

I see. It seems that the system needs some time for another back-ground progress before we could click the Sign in. That is why we could logged in manually, but not by automation script (too fast). I think we could remove step 7 & 8, it should still work.

1- i have also a problem, but the problem is that the username and password of Dynamics 365 aren’t captured by the recorder in Katalon
any help?
2- and in order to the sign in to appear i have to click several time on the URL
appreciate your help, note that i’m using the record and replay option in Katalon Studio

Hey @mariana.kolko,
maybe this could help you

hello @danzaaa98 ,
thank you for your reply, I realized that I have bigger issue, now when I click on replay, the dynamics 365 URL isn’t even displayed, i’m only getting “Data” instead of the URL, I think it is something related to the security, I tried to put Https instead of Http but also didn’t work (img2)



@danzaaa98 , the authenticate issue didn’t work,
i’m getting the below error
the IP couldn’t be found since the user name and password are written in the URL

Hey @mariana.kolko,
one thing you could try ist to add the keyword delay after the NavigateToURL.
Because from my experience when you load a link which redirects you instantly you have to give some delay before you can continue with the next step.

This should look like this image

@danzaaa98 thank you for your fast reply, but actually i’m getting that the run has passed
but on the screen i’m keep getting data in the URL (as if it is not accepting the URL)
image 1

image 2

Please check the below post …