Modifying Objects go from test to test?

Rather confused here. I have 7 tests, two of them are back to back and always pass solo. However if I run them back to back the second always fails. I noticed the object it can’t find has css properties that are not part of the object. Then I realized in the previous tests I modified the object with those properties…

should this really be keeping the modified objects for the new tests? is there a way around this?

So basically test 4 dropdown object modify to use css path selected
test 5 select option from dropdown object.

Error is it can’t find object with selected…

did you mean that you modified the object properties in once test and the new value is kept in the second test?

yes that is exactly what I’m saying. So without modify to reset it breaks the object for that suite.

The new value will be keep in that session. It is the reason why running them solo is OK, because they are run in different session, one after one.

For you case, why don’t you parameterize the test object, then replace it with suitable information instead of modifying the test object?

how would I go about parameterizing the test object? I was under the impression modifying it was creating a new object for that test instance. I am using

Object newObject = = WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(oldObject, 'xpath', 'equals', 'modification', true)

Here is some information about it: