Modal Box Detection Issues

I am having trouble accessing fields on a modal popup on a site. Here’s the site before the box comes up:

and after…

Among the various things I have tried:

  1. Simply saving the object (both xpath and attributes)

  2. Capturing the dialog and using the focus method.

  3. Capturing the dialog box, creating a frame and then copying the locator. Subsequently, using the switchToFrame method.

  4. I was trying to use the switchToWindow method but can’t figure out how to get the window name.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Found the issue. The box selected in the pic above is actually an inner part of the overall dialog box which has a semi-transparent background (appears with grey tint). Selecting the outer window in spy revealed the correct identifier. Once that was done, the switchtowindow method worked fine along with subsequent movements.

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Full marks for posting back with a solution!