Mobile testing Native app with web login

I have a native app on android that need to be logged in via a web page. So when I start the app I get to enter a user name then it ask for a password after that the app really starts. I tried to automate but I always need to login manually on my android device and then the test is able to start.

Is there a way to automate the login so when I start the test in Katalon I don’t need to do manipulation on the device?

Hi @jtheoret,

If the app is opening a new web page for the login, you might be able to switch over to the browser (you’ll need the browser’s application package and activity), enter your login info, then switch back to your tested app using a method similar to this:

Hope this helps,


The problem is that the Mobile.startApplication waits until I login to finish the start…So I don’t really know how to manage this… I need to start the app with katalon in order to get the webview of the login and then it need to be filled before the app really start. If I wait to long to enter manually all the info on the device the startApplication fails.

@Chris_Trevarthen I found out that if I set in the project settings->desired capabilities-> mobile->android if I add appWaitActivity with the value eu.* which is the start of the value of the appActivity that I find in the with the adb shell and the command dumpsys window windows | grep -E ‘mCurrentFocus’… now when I do the start application it is not going in error…and I can start to do a record from the start :):grinning:

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