Mobile recorder only display android.view.View0 ( don't display buttons )


i’m really new to automated testing and Katalon.
I’ve followed the set up guides and tried to record a test case. Unfortunately, i can’t capture objects.

In the objects list, listing stops at android.view.View0

Trying to click the screen in device view, display a rectangle aroung the whole screen and i can’t select any buttons.

i’ve tested with 4 different apps, and all of them behave exactly the same.

OS: Windows 10
Katalon Version: 5.5
Environment: Appium 1.8.1 , Android 8.0 , Real Pixel 2 Xl

Edit: Just tried with a live application, i have access to all objects, So how can i get it to works on my other apps ( i’m testing those apps. i don’t code them )



The apps are made with Unity, so from what i found thats the problem…

Is there any solutions to use Katalon with Unity apps ?