Mobile native application automation with Katalon Studio - InstantAutoComplete object is identified as android.widget.edittext

Hi Team,

during automating a mobile native applicaiton using Katalon Studio, we came across an object of searchable dropdown, where we input few search text in the field and the list of relevant value are displayed for selection.

The issue here is the Katalon Studio is identifying the object as android.widget.edittext where as when we checked with the app developer they said the object name is InstantAutoComplete object. so we can only enter the text in the field and could not identify/select the list of values displayed by the searched text.

Request you to support us in automating this flow as we have many such objects in the flow which makes us stop automating the test cases.

Please let me know if any additional information is required from my end.

Ram Kumar R

I’m running into the same issue would need help with this asap

Maybe @Chris_Trevarthen can help with this problem. Any idea for this @Chris_Trevarthen???

Hi @rkarim, @ram.rajamanickam,

Can you share some screenshots of the Recorder and your app screen while recording the element?
InstantAutoComplete is a custom view that extends from AutoCompleteView that combines from android.widget.EditText with other native elements. The android.widget.EditText maybe the search fields and the list of values can be detected by selecting another element on the screen.


Sorry for the delayed response, below is the screenshot of the recorder where you can see that the field highlighted in red is the Instant AutoComplete field and the respective object property is highlighted in red.

It can be seen that the search list with text ‘KAKODHA’ and ‘KATHARA’ is nowhere to be seen in the ALL OBJECTS pane of the recorder, due to this we cannot make any action to select the required value from the searched list.

Kindly guide me in getting the object identified so that i can select any one of the value displayed from the search result.

Also let me know if there is any other additional information required.


Hi @ram.rajamanickam, @rkarim

Can you provide your .apk file or any sample app with the same issue (in private chat) to let our team can investigate better on this issue?

@duyluong I can not share apk as it needs login credential to access but I will be more than happy to do a screen share session with you guys where I can give you the access to control the screen to validate the fields I’m having issues with. The field specifically I’m having issue with is called “AutoComplete” field