[Mobile] Hide Keyboard

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I’m testing with android device and depending of the step that I do and also how the devs do changes in the app I need to be sure to hide the keyboard to take screenshots, but the keyboard is not always there so I put in the FailureHandling.OPTIONAL, so if the keyboard is not present it won’t stop or do failure in my test.

But sometimes when I’m running the automated test it blocks on the hide keyboard because in this case it is not present… any idea why it does this and how to workaround this? right now I stop my running test change the script to put the hide keyboard in comment and start again the test …:frowning:

I have the same problem on an iPad. The Action word “Hide Keyboard” doesn’t work. Nothing happens.
Any Idea with this problem?
OSX 10.14.5
Xcode Version: 10.3
Katalon Studio: 6.3.3
iOS Version: 12.4

Also not work for me, I’m using Iphone XR and the keyboard won’t hide… solutions?

Also for me not work, any solutions? Thanks in advance!

hidekeyboard is not working for android device.