Mobile execution CI/CD on a GH actions

Hi, i want to try to execute a mobile SC on a github actions but when i try to put the emulator on the repository it says that it is not posible since few files are 2GB higher than what is allowed by my github free account, is there another way to run the emulator in the actions to be able to execute a mobile SC?


Is this referring [Mobile] Configure Android Studio (Emulator) in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

No, that is to do it locally, i did that and work perfectly, now i want to do that but on CI/CD in a github actions.


For mobile execution in CI/CD, you should consider remote execution by using local Appium server: How to configurate Desired Capabilities of Remote execution for Mobile test or Mobile Cloud services such as SauceLab, BrowserStack, Kobiton.

With the above approach, you don’t need to install anything CI/CD hosted machine.

The thing is that i want to execute this in CI/CD and acts like a stopper when the build fails, is there another way to run it instead of using a remote execution? If its only possible by a remote execution, is it possible with lambda or Kobiton to stop the build when a SC (Suite Collection) fails?