Mobile and Web script execution at the same time

I have a scenario where I login to the web portal and it has Two Factor Authentication where in the request is sent to the mobile application. Where in the user can approve or reject the Two Factor Authentication from mobile. Is it possible to execute both the test script in a single test suite because currently it only allows us to execute in any one type of platform.

Please try this

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Hey Alex,

Thanks this is very useful as my application uses OTP for registration purpose.

But actually there is a scenario where in the request from the web is sent to the mobile application for approval and it is not in the format of an OTP which we get via SMS. Its a card type display in the application which has 2 buttons ie Approve and Reject.

Is there something where in I can pause the mobile application script at a certain stage and call the web application script and execute it and once that is completed it will continue with the mobile script.