[Minigame] Tester Personalities Week 1 & 2 Results

Hi Community members, :wave:

It’s only been two weeks but already our Minigame has received lots of enthusiastic participation! :partying_face: . Below are our top performers so far, as well as some noteworthy captions!

Top performer Country Score
@tmtotma Thailand 17
@trinhvandat Vietnam 10
@viky99992 India 9
@Rajkamal_S India 8
@yagmurkuzuum Turkey 6

Let’s give our top participants a round of applause :clap: and remember, to win the first prize, you should invite at least 18 friends to our Community! :wink:

Now let’s take a look at some of your notable captions.

Thank you & have a great weekends!
Katalon Community team