Metrics in testing

As working in testing industry, do you guys have experience with metrics in testing? What metrics should you use to measure testing efficiency, and how can you use those metrics to continuously improve your testing process?

I really love visualization and board to visualize, but any tool creative?

I am not sure what to you mean by ‘measuring testing efficiency’ … but anyway.
This is more about the TestCase Management tool in use, I suppose.

At the current job, we use Testrail to organize, report and analyse test result (it can be used both with automation or manual testing).
It cames with a bunch of features like dashboards for quick view the status, customised reports etc.

You can take a look at the documentation to see what it provides, e.g:


Thank you for sharing the tool. I have read through the doc and I found it really interesting. I wonder whether it supports some kinds of charts like PowerBI other than just status table like other tools.