Method to update test objects on form tests

I am doing a POC at the moment about KATALON STUDIO as part of the automation of the functional tests and I have some difficulties concerning the update of the objects from the recorder.
Indeed, I usually use UFT for other tests, and when we want to write or maintain WEB tests on several pages (ex forms), it is possible to pause the script on the right page or stop it, recapture the object or update it and then run the test again to make sure everything is fine.
In KATALON, it does not seem obvious to me because we can pause or stop the execution on a page, but then we can not use the WEB Spy on the same page (it does not recognize the objects). I have to start the recorder, go to the right page manually, and then recognize the object, which is not too practical … Is there another way easier?
I tried also with the WEB record (with some part of the script recovered), but there are other worries like the fact that it can not roll out some parts where there is specific code ( function calls, table runs with WebDriver …).
Can you help me ?