Meetup virtuel France par Athenco et Katalon / France Virtual Meetup by Athenco and Katalon


Katalon n’aura jamais été aussi proche de vous grâce à ce premier Meetup Virtuel. Vous pourrez joindre ce meetup de n’importe où, où que vous soyez.

Le but est de rassembler des utilisateurs de Katalon de la région afin de partager, apprendre, et rencontrer d’autres utilisateurs de la région. Plus encore, nous travaillons actuellement pour organiser un futur meetup en présentiel.

détails de l’événement:

  • Date: 6 Décembre 2022
  • Heure: 12:30 - 13:30 (CET)
  • Lieu: un lien vers l’audioconférence vous sera envoyé à l’adresse renseignée lors de l’inscription

Inscription: lien d’inscription

Le meetup se déroulera en langue française et anglaise pour nos utilisateurs basés en zone francophone. Nous vous encourageons à y participer si vous êtes à l’aise avec ces 2 langues.

Pour ce premier meetup, nous souhaitons limiter le nombre de participants maximum à 40 afin d’assurer la qualité des discussions et échanges. L’inscription se fera sur la règle du premier arrivé premier servi, et nous clôturerons les inscriptions le 20 Novembre.

L’inscription pour ce meetup virtuel est gratuite. Si vous êtes dans l’incapacité de participer mais que vous souhaitez recevoir un récapitulatif, veuillez nous en informer à l’adresse suivante




Nicolas Laigle
CEO et fondateur d'Athenco


Vu Tran

Vu Tran
Gestionnaire de Communauté

Duy Nguyen

Duy Nguyen
Responsable principal des versions

Invités spéciaux: nos utilisateurs passionnés dans la région

Ordre du jour

  • Introduction
  • Nouvelles Releases de la Plateforme Katalon
  • Séance partage entre utilisateurs
  • Jeux et cadeaux
  • Clôture

Katalon is closer to you than ever with our first virtual France meetup. You could join the meetup from wherever you are.

This aims to bring more people together to share, learn and meet your fellow Katalon users around the region. Most importantly, we are piloting for an official physical meetup.

Event details:

  • Date: December 6th, 2022
  • Time: 12:30 - 13:30 (CET)
  • Location: a meeting link will be sent to you via your email after registration.

Registration: Registration Link

We are organizing the meetup in both English and French as our partner is based in the francophone region. We encourage you to join in if you are comfortable discussing both languages.

As this is our first meetup, we are expecting around 40 participants to ensure that we have a close discussion and sharing. Hence, our registration will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis and will close as soon as we reach the specified number or by November 20, either comes first.

This virtual meetup is free of charge. If you cannot join us but would like to receive the video recap, please drop us an email at


From Athenco:

Nicolas Laigle

Nicolas Laigle
CEO & Founder of Athenco

From Katalon:

Vu Tran

Vu Tran
Community Manager

Duy Nguyen

Duy Nguyen
Senior Release Manager

Special guests: our dedicated users in the region

Agenda (tentative)

  • Introduction
  • New Release of the Katalon Platform
  • Users’ sharing
  • Games and gifts
  • Closing

And that’s a wrap! :partying_face:

It’s great to see everyone yesterday in our very first virtual meetup. The event received great support from our francophone Katalon users, with non-stop open discussion and an engaging atmosphere throughout.

We would like to thank you @duy.nguyen for his exciting delivery regarding Katalon Platform, our upcoming releases, some of the best practices for when testing with Katalon tools, and for leading our Kahoot game!

This event also wouldn’t have been possible if not for the support of Nicolas Laigle from Athenco who introduced us to two of our dedicated francophone Katalon users, @cyril.piaud and @sebastien.jarrot1. Nicolas also walked us through Katalon Community’s Top Contributor Program and the Kudos Rewards Scheme.

We’ll be updating this thread with all the answers to your questions within the meetup so stay tuned. And a recording of the meetup will be sent soon to all participants who attended the meetup.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes and provide us with your honest feedback by filling in this short survey, so that we could bring you even better events in the future! Until then, au revoir et à bientôt! :sparkling_heart:

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Q: Where are stored all data (files, scripts, reports,…) uploaded on Katalon TestOps/Platform? What does it imply regarding GDPR, privacy or copyright?

A: You can use Katalon on 2 modes:

  • On premise: all your data is stored in your infrastructure
  • On SaaS: the data about test scripts (created in KSE) is stored in your infrastructure, and all the data related to testrun and reports is stored in AWS (US server). There are plans for additional EU-based hosting & GDPR compliance in the foreseeable future.

Q: Le studio peut-il fonctionner seul ou faut-il le runtime? Si oui, quel est l’utilité du runtime? The KS can be used alone or do we need the Runtime? If yes, what is the use of the runtime?

A: KS can be used alone for creating and running test. Runtime Engine enables CI/CD integration. KS can be used to author tests and you can execute tests in KS just to validate your scripts. but it doesn’t integrate with your CI/CD pipeline.

Q: Is it currently possible to link Testops to Git in order to launch tests from Testops?

A: It is possible to integrate Git repo to TestOps and trigger Katalon tests in that Git repo via TestOps/TestCloud. Platform - Git integration is actually part of the needed setup to fully take advantage of Katalon.

Q: How will Katalon Platform handle multi-version testing? i.e.: test a given web app on a given browser for a specific version (not the latest)

A: TestCloud provides multiple browser versions and different mobile devices. Check more: Cross-Browser Testing Made Easy With Katalon - Katalon Academy; Katalon TestCloud | Cloud-based Test Execution Environment

Q: Will you offer a functionality to allow users to export and maintain scripts/tests/… out of Katalon?

A: No plan for further exporting options yet.

Q: Is the Runtime part of Katalon currently ready for use? Are there any technical documents available for configuring Katalon Runtime?

A: KRE is only available for Trial and Paid users. We don’t offer a free KRE plan. Here’s the reference doc Command-Line Syntax in Katalon Runtime Engine | Katalon Docs They can also search for specific pipelines to configure.

Q: How will KSE bugs or ergonomy issues be handled ? Your roadmap seems to be focused on Katalon Platform

A: In Q2 and Q3 2022 our team capacity was indeed allocated at 100% to develop the platform. From Q4 2022 we adjust our capacity to balance the team workload for both platform trajectory and users’ feedback activities (bug fixes, improvements, support, etc). As we have many user feedbacks, we of course need to prioritize the most common/relevant issues.

Q: Why is there a difference between web keywords and mobile keywords?

A: Web keywords are to simulate user interactions on a Web app while Mobile keywords are for interactions on Mobile applications. Depending on the application type, users should use the respective keyword for testing. For example there are actions like Swipe that only make sense in the context of mobile testing. And keyboard shortcut combinations that make sense only in the context of web testing.

Q: What will be the next licence cost raise? They have been quite important in 2022

A: Pricing is always subject to change. That said, we do not anticipate any sharp YoY increases. The Premium tier is priced very, very competitively to provide organizations of all sizes with an affordable solution for production-grade testing workloads. Katalon is committed to providing you and other customers with an affordable solution that scales with any size organization.

Q: Currently Katalon integrates a repackaged version of Sikuli(v1.0.2). Why not upgrade the jna libraries (jna-xxx.jar and jna-platform-xxx.jar) to the latest version of Sikulix (v2.0.5)? We are obliged to tweak the libraries manually and to recreate our own docker image to use it with KRE?

A: We will upgrade a library within KS and KRE when there are any defects with the current one that break KS functions, or when the library is highly vulnerable to a security risk.

Hope we answer your concern @cyril.piaud.

Q: When will selenium 4 be used in Katalon which allows access to Chrome development tools data?

A: Selenium 4 upgrade is considered in our Roadmap, however, Selenium 4 upgrade will prompt end users to migrate their test projects with Selenium 3 to Selenium 4; otherwise the scripts will break. Also, Selenium 4 upgrade requires tremendous effort to revamp some of the features (for example, Desired Capabilities) to provide a good support for Selenium 4. We provided an alpha build Studio 8.2.1.alpha is now available with Selenium 4! for users to try out. Considering the large impact, we would love to hear more from end users about what in Selenium 4 is desired.

Q: Have you planned pricing for very small companies that still use the KRE part? Did you plan a price for little enterprises that used KRE?


  1. With regards to other solutions for testing in the market, Katalon is well known for our competitive pricing model. We purposely design our pricing model to be relatively straightforward and competitive to provide ease of purchase and fast adoption journey for our users.
  2. Currently, Katalon offers the platform with different modules to support you with different needs. Regarding your question, you can purchase separately as part of our on-premises testing solution, including Katalon Runtime Engine, Katalon Studio Enterprise, and the license manager.
  3. You can book the 30-min call with our Sales team via this link to discuss further your project needs first, and from there, we will suggest you with the right package for your team.