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From what I remember when Katalon 7 was introduced, there are several WebUI-Keywords that are limited to an Enterprise license. Currently, all WebUI Keywords are listed below the “KATALON STUDIO ENTERPRISE” section of the documentation. It would be really helpful to have an indicator in the doc if a feature is limited to Enterprise version.
So it may be a flag in the heading section, part of the highlighted Notes section of an entry or two different sections like “KATALON STUDIO” and “KATALON STUDIO ENTERPRISE”.

This issue came up while I was wondering if SmartWait ( is an enterprise feature. Probably someone can answer that for me?

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Hi @Paul_Schmidt

Smart Wait (and correspondingly the Smart Wait keywords) are available on the free version also. There is a brochure highlighting the differences between Enterprise and free version, not sure if you’ve seen it:

As a side note, all WebUI keywords are available in both free and enterprise versions.

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Thank you @ThanhTo for your really quick answer that solves my question in general.
Anyway, it is kind of confusing that we have to look at “KATALON STUDIO ENTERPRISE” section for basic Katalon Features that are included to the free version. Maybe this is something you can consider.