Manual Updates and retaining all settings and previous session

I am trying to find a way to update from 7.2.6 to 7.2.7 and retains all session and settings from prior release. This works fine when update is available from UI, but I am struggling to find manual update method that works.

From your old version, copy the entire content of the <install-folder>\config folder to the new install folder.

I notice sometimes a few things don’t survive but better than 90% of it seems to work fine.

Note: version 8 is due to update a ton of eclipse stuff. I’m expecting this might fail for that.

I don’t know about previous session :confused:

Yes, this worked. I think it is important to flag 7.2.7 as a legit update through UI since all of my testers hit the 7.2.6 class not found error and had to manually update to 7.2.7.



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