Manipulate TestSuite output results on Katalon

Hi guys

I am trying to log my TestSuite
output results onto a database but Katalon has a standard method of
saving reports. Is there a way I can manipulate Katalon so that I can
save the output that I need and send it to a database?

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but running a TestSuite will create a directory based on the name of the TestSuite in your project’s Report directory. There is a .csv, a .log, and a .json file that you could parse for the information you’re looking for such that you can import the data into a database. A new directory, name is based on timestamp, is created for each run of your TestSuite giving you more metrics over time.

So, parse the file of your choice for the info you want to save to the database from each of the created (timestamped) sub directories.


I am also looking for a solution for this type of situation. I need to extract data (duration, name, status) and send it on to a monitoring system after each execution of the script. Is there a way to retrieve/extract this data via the API, ideally post execution of the script?

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