Make test report title dynamic


we are currently at the beginning phase of test automation. We have integrated Katalon with Azure devOps but still need the runtime engine to schedule runs within azure devOps.
One problem we are seeing so far is that when we run the tests within Katalon Studio and later use a specific script to pass/fail the test cases within the test suite, and in Azure DevOps, the report always shows the same title. What we want to achieve is to have a report that shows a different title depending on what release we are using to run the regression tests on. How can we achieve this? See snapshot below of the current report.

Many thanks.

Hi Mr. Grandillo,

Sorry for replying too late.
We haven’t support that feature yet. But you can tell us the details about your need from Katalon and give me an example for clearer.

FYI, from version 8.0.0, Azure DevOps (ADO) - Test Plans can natively integrate with Katalon Studio. Please see the detailed document here. Hope this can help you.

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